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In Between the Silence

St Laurent de la Cabrerisse, France 2019

I spent a week exploring the effects that noise and silence has on my while I work. My paintings are free and instinctive, therefore I am very subjective to my surroundings. The music was composed combining everyday sounds as well as sounds of nature that played while visitors moved around the gallery to emphasise the noise around us.

 "Have you ever realised how much noise surrounds us everyday? Living in between London and Glasgow I have become more aware of the disturbances that we slowly get accustomed to. It made me think of ways it can affect us. I chose to come to Saint Laurent de la Cabrerisse as it offered me a silent retreat and it was the perfect environment to conduct my experiment. Throughout this week I divided my time in two parts called The Noise & The Silence. The Noise would be a day spent in a ‘normal’ environment - with music, answering calls, chatting to people, checking notifications  - a typical day for a person living in a bigger city today. On the days of  silence - I would disconnect. "

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