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// What does it feel like to no longer know what home is? And to long the one thing that made you leave in the first place?//


These works are an expression of the journey of trying to find “it”. Bellow are the descriptions of the work to help you navigate this story.   The absence of titles is intentional and adds to the theme of the exhibition.

Canvas no 1 explores loss and jealousy, lack of stability and intimacy, and an abundance of anger and frustration. This expression of indignity, the absence of understanding of this piece, and this moment, being an essential part of the collection.

DSCF4001 copy.jpg

150cm x 150 cm Acrylic and Oil Sticks on  canvas

Where a pain persists we can ultimately meet with an impatience and frustration that affords us sovereignty, since it is made of the very anger that forms our boundaries. Canvas no 2 is made a few weeks after the first one, represents a calm acceptance of absence. The colour blue represents depth of the emotion, the stillness of the storm.

150cm x 150 cm Acrylic and Oil Sticks on canvas

Canvas no 3 was painted after I spent six weeks wondering around Paris, exploring the art galleries, the streets and the people. A place absent of routines and expectations which allowed me to finally give in to the flow and to find the beauty in the unknown. The colours are brighter, the strokes are lighter. The air is different.

150cm x 150 cm Acrylic and Oil Sticks on canvas

Canvas no 4 was painted right before the universe sent down a cheeky wink signalling the return of my strength.  The power is back: the limitless existence, the endless surprise. With a lightning strike through my body, and a recognition of finally letting go, a new flow manifested itself on the canvas. It’s bolder, it’s fiercer and it does not conform. It’s absent of rules.

150cm x 150 cm Acrylic and Oil Sticks on canvas

Canvas no 5 For the first time in throughout my work, the canvas has no black colour.  A conscious decision that was supposed to allow freedom from the confines of the own old rules it  has led to a realisation that the power of light comes from its balance with the darkness.  The thing we tend to avoid the most is the single most important thing to offer us a complete view. It offers a new page for interpretation.

150cm x 150 cm Acrylic and Oil Sticks on canvas

The final acceptance , Canvas no 6 is the final piece in this theme. It is in praise of the blue and the depth of the emotion, the overwhelming excitement about finding out what’s round the next corner. Earlier in the collection, and absence of understanding, of peace, was an essential part of the work to come. Here in the closing piece we have the calm of my discovery that, while I can change many things, who I am is fundamentally undeniable. 

150cm x 150 cm Acrylic and Oil Sticks on canvas

Although it may seems quite serious at start, this show is a celebration of adventures.

‘Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say and not giving a damn’  said Gore Vidal.

And I say life is fucking amazing.

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